Weaving of anti-hail systems

From yarns to anti-hail nets

The weaving department consists of many textile machines, which exclusively produce anti-hail nets. It is divided into two different but correlated units/phases.

The first unit, called warping, is the one that after receiving the yarns produced in the spinning department sets the rolling of thousands of meters of wires around specific containers called “beam”: basically big cylinders with flanges at the ends.

This operative phase presents very engaging aspects, because in this long and delicate operation all the types, dimensions and all the specific details of the future woven net are determined.

The second unit is called Weaving .
This department consists of textile machines (looms), designed and assembled in Switzerland by a well-known and historical mechanical company of proven reliability and guarantee.

After receiving the looms, our internal technicians put in some relevant modifications, in order to produce our specific product.

Howsoever during the whole production process, the looms have to be assisted by specifically thought personnel, in a way that the shift supervisor can authorize, after checking the production process on the on-board computer of each machine, the transfer of the net to our warehouses, in order to be processed before the final delivery to the client.