Production and weaving for half a century

For tailor-made, resistant and reliable hail nets

A complete range for all needs

Anti-hail nets represent HELIOS GROUP core business, whose attributes meet the highest standards in quality, requested by national and international markets.

Such nets are woven with special looms by plain weaving in order to make installation and tensioning easier, thus easing hail unloading.

The textile construction of our nets is the so called “Leno-weaving” with the yarns in warp which are interlaced two by two (like a propeller) in order to strengthen the position of the cross-weft yarn.

made in Italy Quality

The main aim of all production stages is to obtain nets of the best quality both in resistance and lifetime.

The use of HDPE of the highest quality, with its particular density and molecular distribution characteristics, the addittivation with master batches of exclusive formula and the use of vanguard machineries are by themselves a guarantee of safety and quality.

Moreover, HELIOS GROUP makes regular mechanical and chemical controls on its raw material, semi-finished and finished products, as well as accelerated aging tests in order to verify resistance, elongation and lifetime.

All this allows HELIOS GROUP to issue a certificate of analysis and a multi-year certificate of warranty, which attests the high quality of its nets, by far exceeding the minimum conditions required by the current Italian law UNI-PLAST.

Customized Anti-hail systems

HELIOS GROUP has got an internal department for the packaging of rolls of nets “on demand” in order to suit all clients’ system needs.

Moreover, thanks to the professionalism and experience of its technical engineers HELIOS GROUP designs and directly arranges every type of anti-hail cover, finding the best solution to every specific request.

In this way, thanks to its own installation teams, who are specialized in preparing the support structure and in setting up and fixing the nets, HELIOS GROUP is able to offer its anti-hail equipment fully installed and “ready to use”.