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For more than 40 years we have been weaving anti-hail systems

HELIOS GROUP is specialized in the production of woven nets.
It has been operating successfully in the agricultural field for more than 40 years, producing protection nets and plastic accessories.
The extensive working experience as well as the continuous investments in the latest technologies allow HELIOS GROUP to offer range of products which are tested and shown to be reliable and durable.

HELIOS GROUP itself produces both its own yarns and nets, being able in this way to guarantee a quality control on all the production phases and an extreme competitiveness in prices.


Anti-hail nets represent HELIOS GROUP core business, whose attributes meet the highest standards in quality, requested by national and international markets.
Such nets are woven with special looms by plain weaving in order to make installation and tensioning easier, thus easing hail unloading.
The textile construction of our nets is the so called “Leno-weaving” with the yarns in warp which are interlaced two by two (like a propeller) in order to strengthen the position of the cross-weft yarn.