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ANTI-HAIL NET CARBONLUX® presents a Leno weave structure, a mesh size of 2,8×8,00 mm and it is black. The yarn, which is produced by us, is composed by 100% virgin HDPE with additivation of anti UV stabilizers. It has a diameter of 0,32 mm both in warp and weft.  Lateral and central reinforcements are black. ANTI-HAIL NET CARBONLUX® presents a shading grade of 18%.

Structure Leno Weaving
Mesh 2,8 x 8,0 mm
Color Black
Monofilament Pure HDPE 100% UV-Stabilized, diam. 0,32 mm both in Warp and Weft.
Reinforcements Central and Lateral Reinforcements – Black
Shading 18%